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Actual Size POLAR BEAR!

Nice job on the polar bear’s nose!

We all talk about needing to bring History to life for our kids, but what if they could actually step inside...?

—Susanne Powell, SOS Supply

This book features true-to-life blueprints and designs to recreate historic animals, places, events, etc with sidewalk chalk! Who wouldn't want a life size drawing of a Giant Squid?

—Jessica Pope,

Just Living the Quiet Life

A photograph of a child drawing with sidewalk chalk oustide

This is super fun way to help your kids see the real size of things in comparison to themselves for objects that we would be unlikely to see in real life.

A Gluten Free Mom

A photograph of a child drawing with sidewalk chalk outside

The lesson was informative but short, so they were really able to retain the information and answer questions I asked them about what they learned about polar bears. Drawing the polar bear was also educational because we were learning about measuring, how to follow a blue print, and team work.

Emilee Roberts, Pea of Sweetness

As a homeschool mom I love the idea of making life-sized or scale drawings for the kids to supplement their learning. Especially because they’re at the age where a visual aid will work so much more effectively than just words on a page. Plus, they love sidewalk chalk so this is going to be a great way to get them more engaged with the material.

A Few Good Words

The book comes with a list of core vocabulary words. This is great for language AND artic students. Just pick the words that have the target sounds in them!

Carissa, Home Sweet Speech Room

For kids who are artists at heart, this book helps develop their sense of proportion and reveals the intimate connection between math and art. What a treat to be able to cover such a variety of subjects (social studies/history, math, art, and reading) with one simple activity.

Monica Olivera, MommyMaestra

A photograph of a child drawing with sidewalk chalk outside

By combining art, group work, and exploration, students learn through a fun, project based lesson instead of a desk-oriented classroom lesson. How rad!

Hilary, Mom and Teacher

Since we love hands-on activities we really enjoyed using these blueprints to create life-sized drawings of objects we had read about in books.  Not only did this help my visual learner understand and appreciate the size and shape of items, it also gave my kinesthetic learner an opportunity to measure and draw and then pretend he was on an actual Viking ship!

Susan Williams, Homeschooling-Educating Through Community

What a fabulous resource. We had fun with the Actual Size—Science book today. It has been raining non stop the last couple of days so it was nice to get outside for some learning fun. I love that so many subjects are covered including art, math, geography, science and more.

—Kathy Balman, Kathy’s Cluttered Mind

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