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What are the Actual Size Books?

The Actual Size books are two teacher resource books that guide teachers in creating full-scale sidewalk chalk drawings of important objects in nature, history and science.

What is included in each book?

Each book includes 36 lesson plans that accompany 36 blueprints.

How accurate are the blueprints?

Extremely. Each diagram is based on expert research.

What are the subjects of the lessons?

You can view the table of contents for Actual Size—Science here.

You can view the table of contents for Actual Size—Social Studies here.

What grade levels are the books for?

We created the books with elementary-age students in mind, and so the lesson plans are most suitable for that level. However, we have found the middle- and high-school kids—as well as adults—are intrigued by these large drawings, and so the diagrams are truly appropriate for all levels.

Have you actually created these diagrams?

Yes! Every single one has been created—and tested with actual teachers and children.

Who publishes the Actual Size books?

Actual Size—Science and Actual Size—Social Studies are published by Sunflower Education.

Are the books available as a digital download?

Not yet, but we should have the capability to offer PDF versions sometime this summer.

How can you make a full-scale diagram of the Grand Canyon and other giant objects?

We can’t! In these cases, Actual Size provides instructions and diagrams for making a small scale drawing of the object, and often uses scale figures or action figures to show students relative size.

How can I get in touch with you?

Please send us an email we'd be happy to hear from you.

What is your return policy?

Books purchased from Sunflower Education are easily returned within 30 days of receipt via Amazon.com's Online Returns Center.

How do I solve a problem with my order?

We are sorry that you’ve been inconvenienced! Amazon handles all of our order processing and shipping. Their customer service is the best in the business.

Please visit Amazon Customer Service.

You can also reach their automated service line at 1-866-216-1072. International customers should call 1-206-266-2992. Charges may apply.

Are you a green company?

Yes! Sunflower Education uses "print on demand" (POD) technology. That means we only print books as orders come in, so there are never any extra books to end up in a landfill. Plus, we have no need for climate-controlled warehouses, delivery trucks, and so on. This reduces our carbon footprint by a stunning amount. Moreover, the paper for our book interiors is made from 30% post-consumer waste recycled material. We are committed to recycling any waste materials that may result from the printing process. Our products are 100% recyclable. Our manufacturing practices are continually reviewed to ensure we are doing our part to protect the environment.

Actual Size Science lesson plans and activity book with blueprints to help children create full-scale sidewalk chalk drawings outside.
Actual Size Social Studies lesson plans and activity book with blueprints to help children create full-scale sidewalk chalk drawings outside.

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