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A blueprint of TEREX, the world's largest truck, for children to create a full-scale drawing using sidewalk chalk.

Largest Truck Blueprint from Actual Size—Science

The World’s Largest Truck

Create a full-scale drawing of the world’s largest truck, TEREX! Like the giant dinosaur, TEREX is a monster. It’s used in mining. It is 26 feet tall, 51 feet long, and it can carry a lot of stuff! Perfect for lessons on the environment and technology.

This book features true-to-life blueprints and designs to recreate historic animals, places, events, etc with sidewalk chalk! Who wouldn't want a life size drawing of a Giant Squid?

Jessica Pope, Just Living the Quiet Life

Easily create all of these

FULL-SCALE drawings 

right on your playground!

Actual Size—Science

All of the items on this page have lessons in Actual Size—Science, a teacher resource book published by Sunflower Education. Each lesson includes a complete lesson plan, vocabulary, and a detailed blueprint showing you just how to create a jaw-dropping diagram in sidewalk chalk on a playground or driveway.

Giant Squid

Sailors have told stories about giant creatures living in the ocean for a very long time. One of these creatures was called the Kraken. Many people now think that the stories about this tentacled monster were actually tall tales after seeing giant squid. Giant squid can grow to be 60 feet long!

Blue Whale

Want to see a blue whale

"actual size" on your screen?

Click here!

A photograph of a Tyrannosaurus Rex


Dinosaurs were the biggest and baddest animals on the planet for nearly 160 million years! Two of the biggest were the Apatosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. That’s a T-Rex in the picture above. Imagine a full-size drawing of him in chalk on your playground? Actual Size—Science will show you how to make it happen!

Actual Size—


A blueprint of sharks for children to create a full-scale drawing using sidewalk chalk.

Sharks Blueprint from Actual Size—Science


What is one of the oldest types of animals on Earth? Sharks! The oldest sharks we know about were around before the dinosaurs, 420 million years ago! Actual Size—Science has plans that will show you how to draw the tiny Cat Shark, the fearsome Great White, and the enormous Whale Shark. Enjoy a great video on whale sharks below.

The lesson was informative but short, so they were really able to retain the information and answer questions I asked them about what they learned about polar bears. Drawing the polar bear was also educational because we were learning about measuring, how to follow a blue print, and team work.

Emilee Roberts, Pea of Sweetness

Polar Bear

What is the weather like at the top of the world? Extremely cold! Polar Bears live and thrive in this extreme part of the Earth!

A photograph of a bison American buffalo

Bison (American Buffalo)

Create an outline of a Bison in order to see the size of the animal that formerly covered the American plains! You can find this drawing plan in the Actual Size—Science book!

A blueprint of an elephant for children to create a full-scale drawing using sidewalk chalk.

Elephant Blueprint from Actual Size—Science


What is the biggest animal on land today? If you said elephant, you’re exactly right!


What child hasn’t looked up at the sky and wondered at a bird? Now imagine helping curious children sketch a life sized American Condor—with its 9-foot wing span!

World’s Tallest Tree

The tallest living redwood is the National Geographic Society redwood tree. This particular redwood is 365 feet and 6 inches tall. It is truly breathtaking. Enjoy the video below!

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Giant Kelp

Giant kelp, a kind of plant that grows in the ocean, can grow up to 2 feet a day! Actual Size—Science includes a lesson and plans to draw this fascinating plant.

Termite Mounds

Incredible structures created by insects! Very impressive in “person”— Actual Size—Science has the diagram.


Biggest Snakes

What is the world’s biggest snake? There are actually two of them. The world’s longest snake, the reticulated python, can be 33 feet long! The green anaconda is considered to be the world’s heaviest snake. Plans to draw both in actual size are included in the book.

A blueprint of a goliath bird-eater spider for children to create a full-scale drawing using sidewalk chalk.

Biggest Spider Blueprint from Actual Size—Science

Biggest Spider

The world’s biggest spider is the Goliath Bird-Eater Spider!

A photograph of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

No, we don’t claim you can create an actual size diagram of the Grand Canyon using our book! But we do include instructions and a diagram to create a scale model of the Grand Canyon that does an excellent job of conveying its scale.

As a homeschool mom I love the idea of making life-sized or scale drawings for the kids to supplement their learning. Especially because they’re at the age where a visual aid will work so much more effectively than just words on a page. Plus, they love sidewalk chalk so this is going to be a great way to get them more engaged with the material.

A Few Good Words

Great Barrier Reef

Create a scale outline of the Great Barrier Reef in order to help students understand the magnitude of the world’s largest structure!

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A photograph of Meteor Crater in Arizona

Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater, in Arizona, is a breathtaking site.

Mount Everest

Students can create a scale outline of the world’s tallest mountain! You can find the drawing plan in the Actual Size—Science book!

The Matterhorn

Create a scale outline of this Natural Wonder to help students understand how glaciers can carve mountains.

A photograph of Uluru, Ayers Rock

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Create a scale outline in order for students to appreciate the vast size of the world’s largest monolith.

Victoria Falls

Create a scale drawing of Victoria Falls so students can picture the immensity of the world’s widest waterfalls!

Deepest Water

The world’s deepest water, known as Challenger Deep, is 35,994 feet (or 6.82 miles) deep! Actual Size—Science uses a basketball goal and a model submarine to help students visualize it.

Actual Size—


Amazon River

Create a scale model of the Amazon River in order to appreciate the size of the world’s longest river.

A photograph of clouds


Create outlines of four types of clouds and their relative positions in the sky in order to teach cloud formations.

Eye of a Hurricane

Students fly a to-scale model of a hurricane hunter airplane through a scale eye in order to understand this weather phenomenon.

Click to view a scale model of the solar system online!

Early Computer

Create an outline of ENIAC, the first working digital computer, in order to show students how big computers used to be—and how far computers have come!

An illustration of the Montgolfier Brothers' hot air balloon, the first aircraft

First Aircraft

Not the Wright Brothers plane—the Montgolfier Brothers’ hot air balloon!


Create a to-scale model of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite.

A photograph of the Mercury Capsule

Mercury Capsule

Create an outline of the tiny Mercury Capsule to show students what the first Americans in space endured.

International Space Station

Create a full scale outline of the International Space Station and students will never forget what they learned that day.

A blueprint of the Hubble Space Telescope for children to create a full-scale drawing using sidewalk chalk.

Hubble Space Telescope

Create a full scale drawing of the Hubble Space Telescope!

Hubble Space Telescope Blueprint from Actual Size—Science

Large Hadron Collider

Create a scale diagram of the Large Hadron Collider in order to learn about this new addition to science.

Tallest Dam

The Nurek dam is the world’s tallest dam, standing at an astonishing 984 feet tall! Actual Size—Science has a fun way for you to create a scale model of it. See video below.

Deepwater Drilling

Create a scale model of deepwater drilling to illustrate lessons on energy and the environment.

Longest Train

The world’s longest train stretches for more than a mile! Actual Size —Science shows you how to recreate it in HO (model train) scale!

Actual Size Science lesson plans and activity book with blueprints to help children create full-scale sidewalk chalk drawings outside.
Actual Size Science lesson plans and activity book with blueprints to help children create full-scale sidewalk chalk drawings outside.


Actual SizeScience

From the largest truck to the biggest spider, this book is filled with blueprints to easily create FULL-SCALE drawings right on your driveway or playground!